I use a wide range of resources, visual prompts and activities to support my mentoring and regularly develop new resources to support individual mentees.

I attach some of my favourite resources and book recommendations.

Resources & Information

Me, My Autism & I – poignant new video which reflects the life of a family living with autism.

Not so Different – this video will make you smile!

A lovely video with young people talking about how they value their autistic identities.

This video made me very emotional. A young autistic woman describes her experiences of school.

Book recommendations

All the books listed here are my own personal recommendations: a brief outline of the subject and recommended readers are suggested. 

M Is for Autism Book cover

M is for Autism and M in the Middle

Written by the girls at Limpsfield Grange School and Vicky Martin, these books tell the story of ‘M’, an autistic girl who describes first-hand the world from an autistic perspective. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations, we follow M as she approaches and gets her diagnosis, tackles friendship difficulties and experiences her first crush, survives high levels of anxiety in a world that does not understand her.

These books deal with real-life experiences of autistic young people: many parents recognise their own daughters when reading these texts and report having a better understanding of their perspective.

Recommended for:

Autistic girls approaching and during their teenage years; the families of autistic girls; neurotypical teenage girls to understand their autistic peers’ and what they can do to help them feel included.