My Services

One-to-one Mentoring sessions

£70 per session

  • 1-hour sessions carried out in your own home, a mutually agreed location or on-line
  • person-centred approach
  • number of sessions dependent on individual requirements, usually ranging from 10-20 sessions
  • mentoring sessions are supported by a range of evidence-based resources
  • mentoring sessions are confidential within mentoring boundaries: information from sessions will not be shared without prior agreement from the mentee or unless safeguarding concerns are raised (please refer to Safeguarding Policy)

Before engaging in mentoring sessions, a free 30-minute consultation is offered to gather information, discuss engagement and agree on proposed outcomes.

Please refer to my Engagement Policy for further details.

Your Autism Mentor allocates 10% of its time on a ‘no charge’ basis to families in need: please contact me for availability with evidence of benefits position.

Group Mentoring

Cost dependent on group numbers

  • I run group sessions for autistic young people at different times
  • Do contact me if you would be interested in your young person attending some group sessions which include lego therapy, transition and well-being groups

University Mentoring

I am registered as a Specialist Autism Mentor – Autism Spectrum Condition under the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA’s) for university students. Do contact me if you are interested in me providing this support for you or your young person.

Primary & Secondary Schools

I recognise the challenges autistic young people can face within mainstream education and can provide specific support focused on their well-being and on reaching their individual potentials. The range of services I offer has been developed from 18 years of directly relevant hands-on experience working with autistic young people, families, schools and local authorities in London and Kent alongside training and research in the field of autism.

One-to-one Mentoring

On application

10 x one-hour individual mentoring sessions with young person within school

Includes: information gathering with school/parents; planning of sessions; supporting resources and tools

Small Group Mentoring

On application

6 x one-hour small group sessions for 4 young people in school with specific focus on areas such as: identity; transition to secondary school; anxiety.

Includes: personalised prepared resource to support semi-structured nature of sessions; supporting resources and tools; written feedback upon completion of sessions.

Outreach Support

On application

Visits to schools to observe and meet with young person, school staff and parents/carers, to provide advice and recommendations to identify barriers and adapt provision.

Do contact me to discuss.

Neurodiversity in the workplace

I am an advocate for creating inclusive workplaces where neurodivergent employees can succeed.

I work with organisations to raise awareness of neurodiversity, how they can recruit and retain valuable neurodivergent employees who bring unique skills and perspectives. I provide neurodiversity education and training to Managers, HR personnel and staff members, as well as mentoring individual neurodivergent employees to help them identify their individual profiles of strengths and challenges.