My Services

One-to-one Mentoring sessions

£60 per session

  • 1-hour sessions carried out in your own home, a mutually agreed location or via zoom
  • sessions personalised specifically for the mentee
  • number of sessions dependent on individual requirements, usually ranging from 10-20 sessions (there is no obligation for more sessions than you or your young person are comfortable with, and progress is regularly reviewed)
  • mentoring sessions are supported by a range of evidence-based resources
  • mentoring sessions are confidential within mentoring boundaries: information from sessions will not be shared without prior agreement from the mentee or unless safeguarding concerns are raised (please refer to Safeguarding Policy)

Before engaging in mentoring sessions, a free 30-minute consultation takes place with parents, carers or young person (over 18) to gather information, discuss reasons for engagement and agree on proposed outcomes. A personalised introductory video can also be provided.

Please refer to my Engagement Policy for further details.

Your Autism Mentor allocates 10% of its time on a ‘no charge’ basis to families in need: please contact me for availability with evidence of benefits position.

Your Autism Mentor will actively seek funding opportunities to support a greater number of young people and their families.

If your young person has, or you are in the process of applying for an EHCP, you can request for your local authority to make a direct payment in the form of a personal budget to meet costs such as mentoring. Do contact me to discuss

Group Mentoring

Cost dependent on group numbers

  • I plan to run group sessions for autistic young people – these will be according to demand
  • Do contact me if you would be interested in your young person attending some group sessions which include lego therapy, transition and well-being groups

University Mentoring

I am registered as a Specialist Autism Mentor under the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA’s) for university students. Do contact me if you are interested in me providing this support for you or your young person.

Schools and Charity Groups

Do contact me to discuss.

H.A.P.P.Y. Coach

I have recently qualified as a ‘H.A.P.P.Y. Coach’ on the Happiness in Autism Personal Project for Young People, developed by Peter Vermeulen of Autism in Context. Please contact me if you are interested in developing a H.A.P.P.Y. plan.