Thank you to my mentees, parents and other professionals who have taken the time to write a short testimonial of my work.

My son has been having twice weekly mentoring sessions with Wendy of Your Autism Mentor for five months so far. 

There are many reasons that I am delighted to have found Wendy. My son was diagnosed as Autistic well into his teens and prior to this had experienced an increasingly distressing time within education. Wendy spent time understanding his journey so far and ensuring mentoring could start at a very gentle pace according to his needs. We agreed a plan between us all and ensured he was happy with the format and pace of sessions.

I would say one of the most pleasing aspects for me is not having to repeatedly explain the impact of my son’s Autistic profile as Wendy always keeps this front and centre of everything. Sadly, in my experience, many other services that we encounter convey a message of trying to change the child/young person rather than helping them embrace their own identity. The fact that my son has been able to engage every week speaks volumes.

Communication with me as the parent is excellent;  Wendy is happy to exchange emails and/or have quick Teams meetings or calls to chat through any questions etc. Once again, it is a refreshing change to say that I have every confidence in Wendy and am more than happy for her to direct and guide sessions with minimal input from me. I can certainly see the benefits to my son of having a trusted mentoring relationship.

I wholeheartedly recommend Your Autism Mentor.

Amanda, mum of mentee, aged 17, February 2024

Having worked with professionals within the neurodivergent community I was very impressed with Wendy’s knowledge, expertise and delivery of her sessions. We came across Wendy’s service after extensive searching for someone who could offer effective mentoring support to our 12-year-old autistic daughter. We had experienced significant blockers from various professional organisations involved in her care and had concerns regarding the decline of our daughter’s mental health.

When we met Wendy it was clear she was excellent at quickly building an effective rapport with people, had fantastic up-to-date knowledge of autism in girls and worked from a positive strength-based approach. As Wendy began her work with us, she adapted her sessions with an awareness of what would work for our daughter, very different to the ‘one size fits all’ approach we have often come across previously. This enabled our daughter to explore complex feelings and emotions she experienced in school and in her personal life – she was able to expertly create a space where it was safe to discuss difficult topics and fully explore her autistic identity. I would have no hesitancy in recommending Wendy to other families and other professionals.

Alex McGuinness, Senior Job Coach, auticon UK – February 2023

I contacted Wendy when my daughter was coming to terms with her autism diagnosis and struggling with her differences and friendships at school, along with the usual teenage angst.  Wendy took the time to develop a relationship of trust, understanding her special interests, so Olivia felt relaxed in her company.  She was invaluable in explaining in meaningful terms what Autism is, helping my daughter to become more self-aware and have greater confidence to articulate her needs.  From a parental perspective, Wendy kept us regularly informed of session outcomes and we were able to discuss the current challenges at home or upcoming events that were creating anxiety. Wendy tailored sessions to help prepare for new experiences and provided helpful suggestions on how we could guide Olivia through social situations, overnight school trips and some of the day to day battles such as showering and teeth cleaning.  Discovering, through the sessions, more about how Olivia was feeling and introducing some simple changes, have made day to day tasks less of a trial. Not only have these sessions been incredibly useful, but they have also been fun!  Hearing Olivia laugh from the next room has given reassurance that no problem was insurmountable with the right support. Olivia feels more comfortable and confident in herself and who she is.  I would thoroughly recommend Wendy.

Rebecca, mum of mentee aged 14, June 2023

Wendy’s detailed presentation on Adolescence covered every aspect of this topic and more, with words and brilliant slides which resonated with so many of us. Her wealth of experience, deep understanding and the depth and breadth of her knowledge came across, as well as her warm, empathic manner. She was able to answer many questions from parents, providing excellent strategies and suggestions for support in helping our young people to thrive. 

Claudia Goodman, Founder of the West Kent Autism Parent Group, June 2023

Through weekly mentoring sessions, Wendy has helped my son to discuss, examine and reflect upon his feelings and actions along with his identity and the anxieties that he encounters as a result of his autistic profile.  As a 19-year old, my son is exploring his self-awareness, social understanding and behaviour on his journey to more independence as a young adult and Wendy has been instrumental in, not only helping him do this, but also giving him a space to be able to explore these issues under her guidance.  Wendy has been able to support my son to develop strategies for his independence and safety by building a trusted mentoring relationship with him over time that, as his mum, I can see he values and has made him more open to consider options for his future than he would have done previously.

Nicky, mum of 19-year-old mentee – April 2022

Engaging Wendy to work with my autistic daughter has changed her life. She went from someone who was constantly on the verge breakdowns, meltdowns and overwhelm, having a large amount of difficulty engaging, to someone who is now enjoying her world. 

Wendy is an extremely warm and kind-hearted individual who excels at providing a safe space for autistic individuals. She empowers them to understand themselves and their world in clearer focus. Specifically, she helped my struggling daughter understand her own profile, additional needs as well as discuss troubling issues or problems and then how to best self-regulate, request help by articulating and communicating these needs with the world in a way that she will be heard. 

Above any other service or therapy we have engaged for my daughter, Wendy has made the most difference, fundamentally Wendy has taught my daughter to believe in herself. My daughter sees Wendy as her most trusted adult, someone who will help her and guide her on her journey. 

Wendy is highly accommodating and was able to visit my daughter in her home and in the school environment in a face-to-face manner. She has talked with the teaching staff, provided reports on request for ECHP applications and feedbacks pertinent information to me that allows me to better engage and support my daughter. 

I firmly believe that engaging Wendy will provide long-term, benefit to my daughter and to us as a family. 

Miranda, mum of mentee, aged 8 – May 2022

Wendy works tirelessly to make a difference to autistic young people: her grace, kindness and good humour make her exceptional and simply brilliant in her role supporting autistic teenagers to feel good about themselves. Wendy’s hard work, determination and natural way of communicating has seen many young people through difficult and challenging times and numerous parents thankful for her dedicated support. Wendy helps young people move onto the next stage of their lives in a calm and organised manner. Wendy was my lynch pin for many years, and I wish her every success with Your Autism Mentor!

Tracy McDonald, Advisory Teacher for Autism, London Borough of Bexley – April 2021

Wendy Pearson has a wealth of experience and knowledge within the autism field and shared this with me when working in education together. Her compassion and understanding is tangible when working with autistic young people. Because of her skills, I regularly saw them grow in confidence, develop higher self-esteem, and use helpful strategies. I would highly recommend Wendy as your child’s Autism Mentor and have every confidence in YAM.

Wendy Boorman, Family Support Information Advisor (Children), Kent Autistic Trust – July 2021

Wendy has been supportive from the very first conversation we had with her about our daughter.  She immediately understood the issues we were dealing with and their causes, and engaged with them in a compassionate way.  During the online sessions she has offered, our daughter has been gently led into a trusting relationship in which she can share as much or as little as she likes with no pressure.  She feels reassured by the presence of Wendy as part of her support network and the knowledge that she can air any new problems occurring in her life.  From our point of view, the regular check-ins and chats Wendy has offered, along with her flexibility about how to adapt the arrangement as needed, have been enormously helpful.

Lucy, mum of mentee, aged 10 – Feb 2022

I’ve noticed small changes since my daughter has been working with Wendy. Small steps and because they are small they seem to be more sustainable, like a slow progression on firm ground rather than a huge leap into air with no supporting foundation.

It’s hard to define some of the changes. Some days still seem hard but I get a sense of increasing resilience, being less diminished by setbacks, feeling the challenges acutely but pushing through and a glimmer of increasing confidence.

Wendy’s commitment and passion for supporting young people is exceptional and her work is invaluable.

Moira, mum of mentee, aged 21 – March 2021

Wendy is so kind and an amazing mentor and I would highly recommend seeing her I always look forward to our sessions because I know that I can tell her anything and she will do her best to help me navigate difficult challenges that I face.

Ellen, mentee, aged 15 – September 2021

Working alongside Wendy has been incredibly beneficial in helping to identify, work towards, and realise my goals.

Wendy’s compassionate, gentle and understanding approach to mentoring has made it easy for me to build a rapport with her and feel comfortable discussing difficulties I experience so we can collaborate to find solutions.

Not only have we worked together to find strategies to help me overcome obstacles, Wendy has helped remind me of the many strengths I have as an autistic person, boosting my confidence in my autistic identity.

Mentee, aged 21 – March 2021

I first met Wendy whilst attending a teen life course for parents when my son was in year 10, Connor was struggling both academically and socially at the time and I was at a loss in how I could help him. Wendy then began mentoring Connor in school and what a positive impact she has had. Even when Connor didn’t want to talk at first after many engagement attempts, she would just sit patiently with him, and Connor said he found this comforting just having someone there with no expectations. Over time Wendy got to know Connor and gained his trust and eventually Connor felt comfortable enough to confide in Wendy, he found his voice and was helped by Wendy to be able to express his own troubles and needs which was amazing! Wendy has been a great listener to both me and especially Connor and we have never once felt judged.

Wendy taught us both how to understand Autism more, she gave Connor coping skills and different strategies to both to use to help express himself more, found solutions when we wasn’t able to. Wendy has supported us both in school meetings sat with me when I have cried in frustration been reliable and fully committed.

Connor is now thriving in all areas in the perfect setting for his needs, home life is loads better and this is all down to the support, work and time Wendy has given. She gave Connor confidence, reassurance and the skills needed for him to believe in himself, and that having autism should be embraced and for that me and Connor cannot thank her enough.

Wendy is a very caring professional and me and Connor was lucky enough to have met and worked with her.

Mum of Connor, aged 16 – April 2021

Ellen is happier on the day of her sessions as she knows she will be talking with Wendy that evening and afterwards she is on cloud 9. I feel that the sessions with Wendy are great for her as she talks to her freely and frankly and is still happy the next day.

Ellen has benefited from her help and uses her ‘emotional toolbox’ every day. Wendy is a great listener and is absolutely wonderful with Ellen who feels comfortable with her chats. Wendy was a great help throughout the lockdowns and still is. I think Ellen would have gone mad without her.

Wendy, mum of Ellen, age 15 – September 2021

Wendy mentored me for a few months last year. She provided a safe space where I could share all my struggles and concerns regarding employment and listened to my concerns without judgement. I looked forward to our weekly sessions because I knew it was a space where I could be myself. Wendy supported me to work on my worries, one step at a time. The tips and support I received during Wendy’s mentoring have aided me in deciding on my future career goals, and I have since taken active steps to achieve this. I could not recommend Wendy enough.

Amber, mentee, aged 20 – May 2021

I was fortunate to be mentored by Wendy when the Covid pandemic was on and she was able to help me with future employment decisions whilst also considering my family and rest time to find the best way forward for me. Wendy listened, encouraged and enabled me to take control in a considered way, using the best resources I had to hand and introducing new ways for me to cope with old problems.

Wendy is deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic as a mentor and that’s why I would recommend her for you!

Paul, mentee, aged 62 – August 2021