Your Autism Mentor

Hello and welcome to the Your Autism Mentor website. My name is Wendy Pearson, I am an autism mentor and practitioner providing mentoring support and advice for autistic young people, adults and their families. I also work with schools and employers, providing training and consultancy to support neurodivergent students and employees. I work face-to-face within south east London and west Kent and provide on-line services outside of this area.

I established Your Autism Mentor after recognising the need for nurturing support and with the aim of empowering autistic young people to have their voices heard, to become self-advocates and use their own strengths to reach their aspirations. I work within a neurodiversity framework enabling my mentees ‘be their best selves‘ and help them break down barriers obstructing their success.

Your Autism Mentor provides personalised, holistic support for individual profiles and differences including:

  • post diagnosis support
  • school support
  • transitions to secondary school, college, university, employment or apprenticeships
  • workplace support and identification of reasonable adjustments
  • high levels of anxiety
  • building self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence
  • emotional regulation
  • communication and interaction
  • building friendships and relationships
  • managing sensory environments
  • autism, adolescence and the physiological changes taking place

If these issues sound familiar for you or your young person, please email or call me for a no-obligation discussion to see whether mentoring may help you to make positive progress in your life.

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